Our boat fleet

Over the years, Warspite has built a boat fleet aimed at providing challenge, development and adventuire to the young people within our group. Supported by the skills of the volunteer team, the boat fleet allows us offer a wide range of activities. We are lucky to be supported in maintenance by a dedicated volunteer team. Warspite


The Coypu is a small rowing boat which can hold up to 6 people, which has 4 oars, a rudder and other standard boat equipment. They are simple boats and very popular with the members of the Scout group as they are simple and good for beginners.


A Pico is a small sailing boat which can hold up to 3 people. It is easily maneuverable making it good for those who aren’t very experienced. They are easy to sail. Picos

Home Counties Gig

The Home Counties Gigs are our biggest rowing vessels. Whilst able to be sailed as well, we normally use them under oars. At 20 feet long, they are powered by 14 foot long spruce oars. From rowing expeditions to regattas and from normal musters to fantastic events - our gigs really are workhorses within our boat fleet. Home Counties Gig

Rib (Rib Narvik)

RIBs (or Rigid Inflatable Boats) are fibreglass boats with an inflatable “sponson” around the hull to provide extra buoyancy. They are very seaworthy and often used for coastal powerboats and as a safety boat.

Warspite’s RIB is a Ribcraft 4.8 and is named for a battle Honour of HMS Warspite. Rib (Rib Narvik)