Indoors Activities

Our HQ hosts a massive range of activities - and we are incredibly lucky with what we can do there. When we are inside, all of our sections mix skills and fun in the best traditions of Scouting.


Most evenings will include some games, whether is fast & frenetic or focussed on skill or teamwork. We aim to burn some energy, have some fun and share some joy. From bench ball to chariot racing; our sections have old favourites and new innovations. Games


At the heart of Scouting is Skills for Life, and it doesn’t get much more central to this than cooking. From Beaver Scouts making their first recipes in our Kitchen to Explorers preparing a 3 course meal on our camping stoves, cooking is a key skill. Cooking

Craft & Creativity

Being creative is really important and it’s a fantastic way for young people to develop. There is the items you might expect, but also ones you wouldn’t - like designing and building a ship from recycled waste. Craft

First Aid

For over 100 years, first aid skills have been core to Scouting. Our members develop and refresh theses skills from cleaning cuts to using a Defibrilliator. First Aid

Scouting skills

From building catapults to towers made from spaghetti, Scouting often means teamwork, problem solving, communication and creativity. Catapult

Nautical skills

We are proud of our young people’s abilities to be safe on the water, but that means knowing what we are doing. From understanding charts to knowing knots, we prepare for our adventures afloat. Charts